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Voice of America Interview:

“His strong development of characters and vivid use of landscape are evident from the opening lines of the prologue of the book....We easily see Pack's characters as whole, though tormented, individuals with hopes, longings, temptations and deep, deep disappointments. And the settings come to life....Pack's rich writing is made more so by his use of symbolism - not forced as in so many modern novels, but skillfully woven into the heart of the of the investment industry becomes an understandable and compelling journey into the corrupting power of money....Pack brings it all together in a debut that deserves national attention.”

CHRIS RUBICH, Lee Newspapers

The Bottom of the Sky

The Bottom of the Sky is an aching rags-to-riches family saga that surges from the fringes of a Montana coal and cattle town into the opulent powerful chambers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, written by a man who lived both. The story contrasts the 30-year struggles of an abused sister and brother who seek to reclaim themselves from their abhorrent past. One is abandoned to desecration and addiction. The other escapes and wields fragile, uncanny genius to amass dynastic wealth. Greed and betrayal power a tense plot involving the SEC, the FBI, and billions of dollars fleeced from every-day brokerage customers and shareholders, while isolation and envy lead to horrific confrontations back home. The Bottom of the Sky deals head-on with profound shame, promiscuity, madness, and violence even as it exposes the callous secrets shared by Wall Street and the silicon robber barons. This is the riveting, thunderous tale of two disparate worlds jointed by one desperate man and his ultimate redemption.